• Engineer, Jakob Svennesen
    "I got taken by the tone and culture in LINAK during my internship. So, I decided to make my final thesis at LINAK. This resulted in a permanent position and I am staying as long as I keep getting new challenges."
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  • Product Maintenance Manager, Jette Jensen
    "I dreaded the thought of a 10 year job anniversary a little. So, I left for 18 months. But really, no two days are alike at LINAK. Now I have come back for new challenges and opportunities."
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  • Development Engineer, Juan Miguel Torres
    "I would recommend LINAK to anybody even if they come from another country. We are all in the same boat here in a positive sense. You work hard, but everyone is kind and you feel close. For me it has definitely been a good choice."
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  • IT apprentice, Ronny Hansen
    "At LINAK they give you a chance if you are willing to take it. You can grow and develop a career even if you start in a routine job with no special qualifications. All doors are open if you show initiative."
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  • Project Manager, Jette Nelleberg
    "I learned about LINAK at a job fair in Aalborg when I was studying to become an engineer. The company sounded really interesting and although all my family live in the northern part of Jutland, I applied for an internship on Als."
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  • Shop Manager, Karsten Friis
    "After 22 years in the Army with tours to Iraq and teaching language officers one day I thought what am I good at if I want to try something else? I believed I had management skills that might be useful in civilian life. So that is what I brought with me."
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  • Technical Manager, Kim Jepsen
    "I was asked if I would go to Slovakia for a few weeks to help out. When I had been there for a week, I was asked if I might consider staying. I have certainly never regretted that I accepted. It has been a really exciting challenge to get to know a foreign culture both at the job and in private."
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  • Marketing Manager, Tove Villumsen
    "You can get an incredible amount of career opportunities at LINAK. There is always something new starting up and if you have ambitions, you will be noticed. I started out as a marketing assistant a very long time ago. My career has been steadily evolving, and I have had a constant flow of new challenges and opportunities."
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  • Engineer Trainee and Thesis Student, Doaa Musleh
    "During my internship, a part of my task was to make user surveys. This meant that I had contact to quite a lot of people with different skills and cultural backgrounds."
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  • Engineer Trainee and Thesis Student, Simon Kristensen
    "I immediately got the responsibility for my own project and specific tasks. Moreover, when I needed advice and assistance during my internship I just had to ask."
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